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of natural products
Oils expert
We confidently claim to know everything about cold-pressed oils. More than 25 years have been dedicated to this line of production. Our way started with cedar oil pressing, today we have 20 kinds of unrefined oils in our assortment - Altai and exotic.
Extensive experience
On February 28, 1994 the company "Specialist" was officially registered. We have been working in the field of healthy nutrition for over 25 years. We have a rich history and professional experience.
Own patented production technology
We are proud to produce our oils with our own patented technology. Spetsialist" company officially has the Patent for invention No. 2198913 "Method of producing vegetable oil and food protein product".
Natural composition
All our products are manufactured exclusively without preservatives, flavour enhancers and flavourings. Only natural ingredients and natural composition. When processing raw materials, we use the cold spinning method. Only cold wringing, no chemistry and no heating - in this case the true flavour is lost and the benefits of the finished product are significantly reduced.
Saving the benefit
What nature has created is difficult to improve, created by it already completely. Therefore, our task is to get the gifts from nature correctly and convey them to people with care. It is important for us to control the whole way: from collecting wild plant seeds, to processing them into oil and packaging the finished product.
We from Altai.
We were lucky to be born, live and create in a wonderful place. We appreciate the gifts of our homeland, its generosity and wealth. Vegetable raw materials, from which we produce our products, are collected in places of historical growth - the best conditions for growth and maturation. Thus, we take raw materials for traditional Siberian oils - cedar, linen, redhead, sea buckthorn, mustard, hemp and thistle - in the Altai and Siberia.