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of natural products

Born from childhood

Gregory Bakhtin's love for nature was instilled by his father from early childhood. Every year, when autumn came, the family went out on berries and nuts. One of my father's hobbies was to go with friends for cedar cones. Such an amazing way of life was the beginning of further activity. Mastering the production of products on the basis of natural ingredients began his father in the 90s in an expert laboratory. When the project was closed, he did not want to part with his favorite business, and decided to develop the project himself. The main principle of the work was the maximum preservation of all useful properties of natural components. The first was launched a line for the production of pine nut oil according to old recipes with the use of modern technology.

The name of our company also came up for a reason. The team included the best specialists of various fields, the main purpose of which was a real breakthrough in the food industry. That is why the name "Specialist" has become very symbolic. The company "Specialist" is an expert in the field of oils.

Our company's business card

Our first brainchild, the company's hallmark, was pine nut oil. The way to promote it was quite a long one. As a result, we obtained a patent for an innovative technology for the production of cedar oil with all its valuable properties preserved. Thanks to these events, the production has been actively developing and the range of oils has expanded significantly, there are such types of oils as pumpkin, linseed, sea buckthorn, thistle, black cumin.


We tried not only to surprise consumers with exotic products never seen before, but also to keep the brand and produce only high quality products. The widest assortment of our oils is ideal for consumption in food, as well as for oil therapy. We also work tirelessly to produce porridge, beverages, pastes and bread using only natural and healthy ingredients.

Our reference points

The main mission of the team is to produce unique products with the preservation of the true taste and usefulness, bringing them to consumers around the world. The following factors guide our team in the production of healthy eating products:
- personal motivation;
- infinite love for the gifts of nature;
- Awareness of the value of natural oils for health.

We are happy to listen to the wishes of our customers and try to meet their needs as much as possible. Only thanks to the feedback from our favorite customers and tireless work, we regularly update our product range, create new products.

Specialist's team

Our team has remained unchanged for many years and has 70 employees. We are one big family that has a common cause. Despite the hard work, we always find time to relax.

Favorite events that we all enjoy celebrating together are

  • employee birthdays;
  • International Women's Day;
  • Cooking competition "The right gourmet";
  • new year, 23 February, 8 March;
  • company names;
  • thematic parties.

At the end of the year, the company's executives solemnly sum up the results, present diplomas and awards to the best employees. Each employee is an integral part of the whole - our team of professionals.

Supplier monitoring

We take the selection of raw material suppliers very seriously, as this is one of the key initial stages of the production process. In addition, we regularly monitor suppliers and inbound control of natural raw materials. Quality indicators are always checked. Raw materials are only allowed to be produced if they comply with established standards.

Features of raw material selection

We pay special attention to the selection of raw materials for our products. We prefer handmade pine nut from Altai, because its taste and composition is unique. Nuts from different slopes of Aktash mountains can have absolutely different taste qualities, which is an interesting feature of this raw material.

Indian sesame and Ethiopian black cumin are the best, so we buy them exclusively. We are cautious about outside offers from suppliers because we prioritize the company's reputation and product quality.


Our company appeared on the market of healthy eating in 1995 and since then pleases its customers with high quality products. The team remains almost unchanged, except for specialists who left our company for a short period of time, but soon returned. Our brand is trusted by people from all over the world because the quality of our products remains at the highest level, despite the production volumes. Stability is one of our advantages.

Quality Control

The company has a thorough qwellness market 1. Input control of raw materials that comes from proven suppliers.
2. Control of the production process performed by the technologist. Each stage has quality control points. They are specified in the technical documentation of the company.
3. Control of manufactured products. Testing is carried out in specialized laboratories, including our company.

In addition, regular reviews by senior management are conducted. Thanks to our multi-level control, we can confidently say that all our products are of the best quality.

Branded prescription from director

The director of our company sincerely loves his products and uses them every day. He believes that simple experiments with taste can make any dish bright and unusual. Grigory Bakhtin prefers vegetable salads with dressing in the form of cold-pressed oils and is happy to share his recipe:

"The following components will be needed for the salad:

300 grams of cabbage
Half a lemon juice
Buckthorn oil
Salt and sugar to taste
To make a light vegetable salad, it is necessary to shred cabbage, rub carrots on a grater, cut an apple with straw, orange - in cubes. Mix all the ingredients gently, add lemon juice, salt and sugar. We need sea buckthorn oil to fill it up. After refilling, stir things up again.
Grigory Bakhtin